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Apprenticeship training has certainly been an under appreciated sector by Career Counselor's in the past...but no more!  Alberta's industries are hungry for technical skill sets that only come with apprenticeship training.  For students who are superior "hands on" learners, an apprenticeship is an excellent choice! As well, salaries in trades continue to rise while they stagnate in other professions...

An apprenticeship is a post-secondary education program that combines work experience, on-the-job and technical training.  An apprenticeship training period can last between one and four years, depending on the trade chosen.   80% of an apprentice’s education takes place on the job and the remaining 20% is done at an approved college or technical institution.  Apprentices are required to write an industry exam at the end of each period of training.  When the student has met all the requirements of the program, a journeyman Certificate is granted.

This is a link that will take you to a list of all recognized trades in Alberta...the amount of trades that a student can choose from is quite stunning!

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