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Apply Alberta

The Apply Alberta system was put in place to simplify the post-secondary application system for students applying to colleges and universities in Alberta. Students can apply to multiple institutions using information they input only once.  This is a secure government website so any information inputted is safe.  This is important because there are application fees that must be paid to the post-secondary institutions, usually using a credit card.

Convenience aside, one of the benefits of using the Apply Alberta website is that a student can order their official transcripts to be sent to the institutions to which they are applying for FREE!  Ordering the transcripts are part of the step by step process they will go through using this website.

Before they begin this process, it is recommended that you give the student an updated Course Mark Inquiry (CMI). This can be obtained from the high school.  This CMI contains all of the courses a student has been awarded credit for by Alberta Education. It also has a student's Alberta Student Number, which Alberta Education assigned to them.  A copy of the most recent report card is needed if midterm marks are requested.

Link to the Apply Alberta home page:

Remind students to
save their username and password in a place they will be able to access it when needed.