Where Do I Find Career Information? (ALIS)

Alberta Learning Information System (ALIS)

Finding updated information about potential careers you may be interested in is easy, thanks to the the Government of Alberta. The Alberta Learning Information System (ALIS) will provide you with the information needed when making decisions about careers and the training necessary achieve employment in a profession that interests you. This website contains information on career planning, scholarships, occupations in Alberta, post-secondary programs and the application process.  This site is well worth taking the time to investigate.  ALIS focuses on Alberta institutions and job information.

The section that we wish to draw your attention to is the section called occupational profiles. This section describes the duties, working conditions, personality traits, educational requirements, salaries and possible employment prospects. There are hundreds of occupations to explore.
Click on this link: http://alis.alberta.ca/occinfo/Content/RequestAction.asp?format=html&aspAction=GetHomePage&Page=Home
and it will take you to the occupational information pages in the ALIS website.

Once you click on the link and enter the website, choose the letter that corresponds with the occupation you want to read about or you can type in the name.  As you scroll through the webpage you have chosen, be sure to click on any links you find.  Sometimes there are videos or suggestions of related professions.

"To be successful, the first thing you have to do is fall in love with your work."

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