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A Prayer for Guidance

Vocation Prayer


Almighty and ever living God.

My dear and most loving Father.

I know and I can feel how much you love me.

Based on that love and knowing that you always want the best for me,

I ask you to guide my life to reach the vocation for which you have created me.


I offer you my life and my will.

I promise to allow you to guide me and form me as you have planned.

I know that in accepting and doing your will

 is where my happiness and success resides.


Please give me the wisdom

to recognize your hand in all the circumstances of my life

and the courage to act upon the opportunities that you will present to me.

Help me to be humble and to acknowledge that everything good comes from you.

Grant me the grace to be always grateful

and to live a joyful life of service and love for you and others.


I ask you all this in the name of your most beloved Son,

 Our Lord Jesus Christ,

who always knew His vocation as Saviour of the world

and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

 One God,

 for ever and ever.