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Where do we find scholarships?

Finding Scholarships

Education is expensive. Many parents start saving for their child's education early and can pay for all or part of it, reducing or eliminating the need for student debt. The reality is, helping your teenager find scholarships can ease the financial burden post-secondary attendance can create. If you can find scholarships, bursaries or grants your teenager is eligible for, it is worthwhile to apply for them. As opposed to student loans, this is money you don't have to pay back!

Scholarship opportunities can be found in many different places. Looking for scholarships offered by the institutions you want to apply to is usually a good starting point. Students coming out of high school are eligible for early enrollment scholarships or scholarships pertaining to their area of interest.

The myth that scholarships are only available to students with a high academic average has long been "busted." Many scholarships require students to demonstrate a strong volunteer spirit and community involvement.

Scholarships can have very specific parameters.  For example, scholarships may be available only to students who live in a certain area of the province.  They can even be specific to children of parents who belong to certain organizations or places of employment.

To identify scholarships, grants or bursaries that are offered in your area, click on the appropriate web page below:

Blessed Sacrament School:  To be announced...
Blessed Sacrament Outreach School:  To be announced...
Saint Jerome's School:  To be announced...
Saint Thomas Aquinas:  To be announced...
School of Hope:   To be announced...

Listed below are some links to websites with information pertaining to scholarships offered in the province of Alberta.

1.  The ALEXANDER RUTHERFORD SCHOLARSHIP is available to all students in Alberta as long as they meet the criteria described in the link below.

2. This link will take you to the scholarship information supplied by the ALIS website. If you type in a keyword or indicate with the drop box that you are a high school student, it will sort the scholarships "somewhat." Click on each scholarship link to see the specific criteria of the scholarship offered.

3. The Student Awards link will take you to a site where you can create a profile and they will sort scholarship offerings for you based on your profile information.  Once they start sending you info there is still a fair bit of sorting to do...

4. For students who want to enter a trade, this website will give you information about scholarships available to you. Many of the grants, bursaries and scholarships are sorted according to a specific trade. The second link is for a printable guide to what "free money" is available for students entering a trade. This booklet is handy if you want to make notes as you investigate!

5. Another source of scholarship information is your child's school.  Local businesses or individuals will often provide school administrators with information about their scholarship opportunities.

6. Alberta's post-secondary institutions offer scholarships to students entering their schools. Once you decide which school you wish to attend, follow the appropriate link and start applying!

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